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Windows Hide Expert 2.6

Comprehensive tool to hide some of the elements present in your Windows desktop
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Windows Hide Expert can make your applications, processes, windows, icons, and taskbar buttons "disappear" from view in an easy and convenient way. Using a clear and intuitive tabbed interface, it gives you the opportunity of hiding or showing any process, icon, IE windows, etc., running in your system just by switching each element's tick box on or off.

To prove its hiding abilities, it will make it very difficult for you to find out if Windows Hide Expert is actually running in your system or not. It will hide itself from your Windows task manager in the same efficient way as it can hide many of the processes and elements active in your computer at a given time. When in doubt, all you have to do is open the program's interface and go through the list of active applications, and check which have been ticked on and which have not.

The program has control not only over any program or process running in your system, but also over tray icons, taskbar buttons, your full desktop, and even the Windows Start button. You can even disable various system hotkeys, such as Ctrl+Alt+Del, Alt+Tab, or the Task Switching Keys. If so desired, it may also take control over some of your computer's hardware components, such as the USB interfaces, your CD-ROM and floppy drives, and hid your system from a network.

Whatever it is you want to hide and keep for yourself, you can do it using this efficient tool, designed to be useful to all types of users.

Francisco Martínez
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